Product code
Smart Escort

Smart Escort is an automatic control system for the semi-wave quantity in the escort bridge of the corrugating system . In particular, using a high precision system to define the length of production it automatically manages the syncronized changes of the different kind of papers . The system is composed of a Personal Computer placed in the control- room to make the supervision and master function, with touch screen keypads , integrated PLC for each splicers with slave function . The software Smart Escort permits :

  • to update data orders from the central system of the dry-end
  • to send all the data to the slaves
  • complete control of the status of the production and data orders


  • Large reduction in production waste during the papers change over .
  • Smart Escort is an absolutely non-invasive system, both for installation and operation . It does not modify the current equipments and can work in parallel with the other systems that already control the speed production .
  • It gives great flexibility for the operator as they do not have to manually control  the paper stock quantity in the escort bridge .
  • It manages and optimizes follow up speed , ensuring stability , lower elongations and  minimal oscillations .
  • Large reduction in the rips in paper stocks and wastage .
  • Allows you to control the paper stock and speeds , both by the operators and in the Control Room .