Product code

J-SPAN is an application to measure and control the quantity of paper in a reel,  independently from the thickness and from the residual ( or original ) diameter of the reel .

A MicroPlc Display with special sensors to analyze the continuous and progressive reduction of the external circumference of the paper reel and, in real time, calculates the quantity of paper ( length ) missing to the end ; as the paper un-rools, the precision increases .
The software and some parameters also make it possible to reduce in large part the potential errors resulting from irregular thickness or rolling of the papers .

After small unrolling, the system is able to estimate the length to the end with an error lower than 5% ; after 30% of unrolling the error rate is less than 1% and becomes negligible near to the end of the paper .

The system is extremely  easy to use :

  • No particular data entry, eg. beginning length, diameter or thickness .
  • No training for the operator .
  • The system is flexible enough to solve eventual different requests of the customer to adapt it in the factory .


Main operating benefits :

  • Management and optimization of the used stock paper reels .
  • More time available for the operator as they do not have to control the ending of the paper reels .
  • Large reduction of breaking papers in the splicers .
  • Large reduction in paper wastage in the reel as it is possible to use all the paper .