Product code
HA-T 51 - 76
Borsa HAT
Borsa HAT 1

HA-T Application

The application allows to produce and feed (in-line) twisted paper cord handles in the most popular sack making machines like Windmoller & Holscher Triumph 2, 3, 3xx, F&K, Weber, Curioni Sun etc .

The application is composed of a unit machine to feed the handles in an already existing SOS standard paper sack making machine, just over the position of the reel stand, and includes the supplying of an external twisted cord handle making machine to produce in-line the handle strips .

The main unit includes two different feeder stations with servo motors equipment able to  :

-preliminary cutting of the main web paper after the unrolling , necessary for the rip

-feed and paste the handles in the main paper

-pull the paper

The size change-over is possible in few minutes, practically the same time to change the main paper reel.

The application HA-T is equipped with servo motors and electronic drivers of the last generation and an intuitive software ; a touch screen allows also a friendly-use to the operator to input and adjust all production data .

The system HA-T works with an extreme simplicity and it is possible to supply with an Hot-Melt or Vinyl (cold)  gluing system, as chosen by the customer .

The system can produce both plain papers and printed papers .

See the video of a customer production on:

• Twisted Handle width : 51 mm, 76 mm,
• Paper patch high : 5 cm

• Feeding speed maximum 100 pieces/minute for HAT-51 and 70 pieces/minute for HAT-76
• Set up and mechanical adjustments are possible during the production
• Electrical Box included, inside the machine
• Power supply 380/400 V, 50 Hz, installation power 16 Kw including glue systems .