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EO1-SOS Easy Opening – Die Cut Corner Application for SOS paper sack

This application allows to punch/die cut a corner in-line in SOS square bottom paper sacks, in standard paper sacks making machines ( e.g. Triumph 3, F&K, New Long etc.), to open easily and friendly a paper sack after the filled of product.

The final result is coming as in the picture above .
The application is composed by a mechanical frame that will be integrated in the SOS paper bags making machine and will allows to die-cut a punched corner on the open paper film .

The Application includes also :

– Die Cut Unit to punch the corner in the open paper film.
– Draws and die cut plans customized on the customer’s machine .
– Die Cut movement and positioning by automatic servo motors .
– Die Cut technology as punching .
– Touch Screen operation interface .

- Die Cut length to verify with customer necessity
- Maximum speed production 120 pieces/minute
- Positioning by eye-mark system