Product code
BM-01 BAG SL 20/35
Application Types
Shopping bag
Envelope bag
Big size bag

Paper Bags Making Machine, fully automatic with handles .
Handles made with twisted paper cord, paper flat web or punched hole in the same machine .
Bags and sacks bottom widht up to 35 cm .

  • Bottom Width : from 6 to 35 cm
  • Total Cut Length : minimum 22/26/27 cm, maximum 80 cm, please see technical details
  • Maximum Paper Reel Width : 1200 mm
  • Paper Weight : from 60 gr/sm to 110 gr/sm
  • Electrical Power Supply : 7/15 kW maximum
  • Speed Production : 200 Pieces per minute (variable on sizes)
  • Indicative Machine Length : 15/21 mt
Corner Bag Die Cut

This application allows you to punch the corners of the paper bag, by rotating and servo-motor die cut technology .

  • Results:
    • Great elegance and strong personality . New to the bag market .
    • Allows you to punch only the top side corners or the bottom  side corners, or all the bag’s corners .
    • Allows you to create your own favourite shapes and designs, e.g. from a a printed image .
  • Benefits: Personal and original packaging, with great visual impact .
  • Characteristics :
    • Maximum die cut corner area dimension ( top side and/or bottom side ) : 100 mm width by 100 mm high .
    • Automatic alignment of the die cut cylinders .
    • Die cut tools change-over, maximum 10/15 minutes .
  • Set-up: Simple and fast .
  • Performance : No limitations to the standard production speed of the machine .

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Punched Handle

This application allows you to punch a handle with your hole shape by a rotating die cut cylinder tool .

  • Characteristics of the die cut :
    • Multi – shape handle , complete or partial handle, single or double holes for textile cord, max length 85 mm, max height 25 mm.
    • Automatic alignment .
    • Die cut tool change-over  in 10/15 minutes .
    • Maximum punching papers thickness : 450 gr/sm .
  • Benefits: Papar bags and sacks manufactured very easily and economically . This application can be matched to the Web Adhesive and Top Edge Fold applications . Fantastic flexibility and production performance .
  • Set-up: Simple and fast .
  • Performance : No limitations to the standard production speed of the machine .
Top Edge Fold
This application allows you to fold and glue one or both of the top edges of the paper bag or sack .

  • Benefits :
    • Beautiful appearance .
    • Gives better value and graphic designs, web or shop addresses, colours etc.
    • Strong, with or without paper patch reinforcement .
  • Dimensions : the top edges can be folded from 1 to 3 cm high
    • Set-up: Simple and fast .
    • Performance : No limitations at the standard production speed of the machine .
This application allows you to apply a strip of special glue and automatically Join a protective and removable silicone paper strip at the top side of the bag, envelope or sack ;

  • Benefits: To produce a paper envelope, bag or sack closed and sealed, removing only the protective silicone paper . There is a large potential markets for gift bags or gift envelopes, document or confidential envelopes . Also, hot and cold take away food bags etc.
  • Set-up : Simple and fast .
  • Performance : No limitations at the standard production speed of the machine .

This application allows you  to produce a “gift bag”, with or without handles, envelopes, closed and sealed with an adhesive top edge . Window punched lengthway to insert the handles , producing a very personal and original bag shape .
This is usually matched with the Web Adhesive application .

  • Set-up: Simple and fast .
  • Performance : Up to 140 pieces for minute, depending on the paper and its size .
Envelope – Flat Bottom

This application allows you to produce flat bottom envelopes, without gassets, usually matched with the Web Adhesive application .

  • Benefits: Allows you to produce pochette, envelopes, document bags, gift envelopes without any overlapping edges etc. Extremely elegant, matching with the Web Adhesive application, closed and sealed . Big reduction in production costs compared to standard way to produce sealed envelopes without overlapping edges .
  • Set-up : Just 30 minutes to set set up and size change over.
  • Performance : Up to 140 pieces per minute, depending on the paper and its size .
Flat Handle

This application allows you to produce paper flat handles in-line the handle making machine.

  • Benefits:
    • In-line production in the handle making machine.
    • Paper flat handles produced with the same handle making machine used for twisted cord handle .
  • Characteristics:
    • Handle change over only 30 minutes .
    • Input paper width : 70 gr/sm .
    • Finished flat paper strip : 7/8 mm .
  • Set-up: Simple and fast, maximum 30 minutes .
  • Performance : Up to 170 bags per minute, depending on the paper .