Product code
BM-01 SACK 20/35
Application Types

Paper Bags Making Machine, full automatic, without handles . Sacks bottom widht up to 35 cm .


  • Bottom Width : from 6 to 35 cm
  • Total Cut Length : minimum 18/20 cm, maximum 80 cm ; please, see technical details
  • Maximum Paper Reel Width : 1200 mm
  • Paper Substance : from 60 gr/sm to 110 gr/sm
  • Electrical Power Supply : 7/15 kW maximum
  • Speed Production : 250 Pieces / min (variable on sizes)
  • Indicative Machine Length : 15/18 mt
Top Edge Fold
This application permits to fold and glue one or both top side edge of the paper sack .

  • Benefits:
    • Nice aesthetic look .
    • It gives more value and graphic evidence, as addresses, drafts,  colors etc.
    • Strengthness, with or without paper patch reinforcement .
  • Dimension : the top edges can be folded from 1 to 3 cm high .
  • Set-up: Easy and fast .
  • Performance : No limitation at the standard production speed of the machine .
This application permits to apply a web of special glue and joint automatically a protective and removable silicone paper web in the top side of the bag, envelope or sack ;

  • Benefits: To produce a paper envelope, bag or sack closed and sealed, just removing the protective silicone paper . The potential markets are gift bags or gift envelopes, document or confidential envelopes and bags, cold and warm food take away bags etc.
  • Set-up : Easy and fast .
  • Performance : No limitation at the standard production speed of the machine .
Punched Handle
This application permits to punch a handle with free shape hole by a rotative die cut cylinder tool .

  • Characteristics of the die cut :
    • Free shape handle , complete o partial handle, single or double holes for textile cord, max lenght 85 mm, max high 25 mm .
    • Automatic alignment .
    • Die cut tool change over  in 10/15 minutes .
    • Maximum punching papers thickness : 450 gr/sm .
  • Benefits: Papar bags and sacks manufactured very easily and cheapest as possible  . This application can be matched to the Web Adhesive and Top Edge Fold application . Great flexibility and production performance .
  • Set-up: Easy and fast .
  • Performance : No limitation at the standard production speed of the machine .
Envelope – Flat Bottom
This application permits to produce flat bottom envelope, without gassets. Usually matched with Web Adhesive application .

  • Benefits: Permits to produce Pochette, Envelope, document bags, gift envelope without any overlapping edges ( no overlaying edges, not in the bottom, not in the sides too ) etc. Extremely elegant, matching with Web Adhesive application, closed and selaed . Important reduction of the industrial costs respect the standard way to produce sealsed envelope without overlapping edges .
  • Set-up : Just 30 minutes to set set up and change over from/to the standard bag production .
  • Performance : Up to 140 pieces for minute, depending on the paper kind and the size .