Twisted Cord Handles Feeder for SOS Standard paper bag making machines

HA-T 51 - 76

Borsa HAT
Borsa HAT 1

HA-T Application The application allows to produce and feed (in-line) twisted paper cord handles in the most popular sack making machines like Windmoller & Holscher Triumph 2, 3, 3xx, F&K, Weber, Curioni Sun etc . The application is composed of a unit...
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Hot Melt applicator for standard SOS sack making machine


Hot Melt glue unit for standard SOS sack making machine, double ply , before the fill in. It allows you to spread the hot melt glue in the SOS sack making machine before the fill in.

macchina sacchettatrice tga48h

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Handle Puncher Application for SOS Block Bottom making machine


Special application to punch automatically ( die cut system ) the handle in the standard SOS paper sack making machine .


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Paper reels joining machine

Twin Reels

Joining machine for two different reels, paper, printed papers, polyethylene or other materials, with automatic alignment . The machine joins two different reels in one with perfect alignment and automatic lengthway pasting . Very fast and easy to set up and operate . twinreel1


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